"FLUID DYNAMICS"  at  Alondra  Pool  and  Skate  Park



On August 30th, "Fluid Dynamics" was unveiled at the opening of the Alondra Pool and Skate Park in Lawndale, California. Created by Kipp Kobayashi and Marta Perlas of Mythograph, it was influenced by the park’s central lake and its function as habitat to many bird species. Its presence inspired them to use water as a unifying theme.

Early skateboarding evolved as surfers first pioneered the idea of "surfing the street". After looking at images of skate boarders performing various moves and tricks, Mythograph became interested in the shadows that were projected onto the ground. Using this as a point of departure, they began to compose a pattern of silhouettes that captured an imagined visual record of the skaters who will use the park. As the composition was layered, the blue, rippling pattern also came to resemble a wave.

Similarly, for the area surrounding the pool, they looked at instructional swim diagrams and noticed a striking resemblance between these poses and those of birds in flight. Using these forms, they composed a "flock" of flying figures that give the appearance of humans "flying" towards the lake.

To create these life-sized patterns, Mythograph employed the help of concrete specialists TB Penick. First, they applied cut stencils to the concrete deck of the pool and skate park. Then the exposed concrete was sandblasted and a custom color stain was applied to the area and sealed.

For more information and images from the grand opening visit the Los Angeles County Arts Commission on Facebook and Mark Ridley-Thomas at the Los Angeles County Second District.

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